OLEA is in Benin with its subsidiary Afrik Assur

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Managing Director: Michka ABOUDOU



Michka started her career in 2011 at THEOREME, in motor claims management. She joined the broker VAN AMEYDE in 2015 as a Key User, before becoming Operations Manager in 2017. She becomes General Manager of OLEA Benin in September 2019.


The Subsidiary 

  • Date of creation: 2015
  • Address: Champ de foire - Immeuble Océane - Patte d'oie 04 BP 13
  • Number of employees: 7
  • Spoken languages: French - English
  • Contact: benin@olea-assurance.com






Heavy industry


Renewable Energy




Country Information


- Population: 11,1 millions
- GDP per Capita: 771 $
- GDP's growth in 2017: 5%
- GDP's growth in 2018: 5,7%



(source www.coface.com)


Strengths of the Economy


- Démocraty firmly rooted
- Major financial support from donors

- Strategic access to the sea


(source www.coface.com)



Insurance Market


- Size of the Market in Million:

40 217 XAF - 81,3 USD

- Insurance Penetration Rate (% of the GDP): 0,91
- 7 life insurance companies and 7 non life insurance companies



(source www.axco.co.uk)




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