OLEA is in Ivory Coast with its subsidiary Afrik Assur

LinkedIn OLEA
LinkedIn OLEA
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Côte d'Ivoire


Managing Director: Vincent LAMOUCHE



Vincent began his insurance brokerage career in 2009 with the Malagasy subsidiary of Gras Savoye, before joining the Gras Savoye branch in Burkina Faso. In 2014 he took the technical direction of Gras Savoye Côte d’Ivoire. He left the group in 2016 to head AFRIK ASSUR Côte d'Ivoire.


The Subsidiary LinkedIn OLEA

  • Date of creation: 2014
  • Address: Cocody Rue du Lycée Technique - Immeuble Elegance (Escalier B - 1er étage)
  • Nubmer of employees: 40
  • Spoken languages: French - English
  • Contact: cotedivoire@olea-assurance.com




Natural Resources


Media & Communication Technologies




Industrial Risks




Country Informations


- Population: 24,3 millions
- GDP per Capita: 1 466 $
- GDP's growth in 2017: 6,7%
- GDP's growth in 2018: 7,2% (prev)






(source www.coface.com)


Strengths of the Economy


- Diversity of resources: hydrocarbons, ores (gold, copper, iron, manganese, bauxite) and agricultural wealth (world's largest producer of cocoa, coffee, sugar, cashew nuts)
- Infrastructures undergoing modernization
- Improving the business climate and governance
- Strengthening political stability


(source www.coface.com)



Insurance Market


- Siez of the Market in million:

304 394,86 - 513,3 USD
- Insurance Penetration Rate (% of the GDP): 1,49
- 20 non life insurance companies and 14 life insurance companies





(source www.axco.co.uk)




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