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Managing Director: Aymeri Falgayrettes



Aymeri starts his career in Paris as an entrepreneur in the Real Estate Industry. He joined insurance brokerage in Morocco in 2013 in the International Insurance Alliance (AID), one of the largest Moroccan brokers located in Casablanca and co-founded by his family in 1949. Aymeri has been entrusted with the general management of the company following the acquisition of AID by OLEA in February 2018.


The Subsidiary 

  • Date of creation: 1949
  • Address: 3 rue Allal Ben Abdallah – 20000 Casablanca
  • Number of employees: 22
  • Spoken languages: French - English - Arabic
  • Contact: maroc@olea-assurance.com




Natural Resources


Media & Communication Technologies




Industrial Risks




Country Information


- Population: 34,5 millions
- GDP per Capita: 3 004 $
- GDP's growth in 2017: 4,3%
- GDP's growth in 2018: 2,9% (prev)




(source www.coface.com)


Strengths of the Economy


- Favorable geographical position, close to the European market
- Strategy for upscaling and diversification of production in the industry
- Political stability and reform commitment
- Increasing integration into the African market

(source www.coface.com)



Insurance Market


- Size of the Market in million: 3 094 USD

- Insurance Penetration Rate (% of the GDP): 3,08
- 22 non life insurance companies





(source www.axco.co.uk)




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