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Managing Director : Nadine DOUNGOVO


Biography :


Born in Bouchia (Republic Of Central Africa) in 1977, Nadine DOUNGOVO-MOKITISSIA began her primary studies at the Saint Charles Catholic School in Bangui and secondary school at the Pius XII Catholic High School in Bangui.


After obtaining a higher school certificate G2 (accounting option) at the Technical High School in Bangui, she first continued her studies at lycée Jean Lurcat Paris 13th Gobelins and then at ESGF Paris 11th. She has also done a training in management control at IFOCOP PARIS.


She began her professional career from December 2009 to December 2017 at Société Générale in BHFM retail banking and then in SGCIB investment banking and asset management at SGSS.

She joined ALLIANZ Centrafrique Assurance as Administrative and Financial Director from January 2018 to February 2019.


She is currently Managing Director of OLEA CENTRAFRIQUE (insurance broker).



The Subsidiary 

  • Date of creation : 2019
  • Address : Rue de la Victoire BP 800 Bangui RCA
  • Number of employees : 5
  • Spoken languages : French - English
  • Contact : rca@olea.africa






Industrial Risks








Country Information


- Population: 5 millions
- GDP per Capita : 389 $
- GDP's growth in 2018: 4,3%

- GDP's growth in 2019: 4,4% (forecast)


(source www.coface.com)


Strengths of the Economy


- High agricultural potential (cotton and coffee), forestry and mining (diamonds, gold, uranium)
- Major financial support from the international community

(source www.coface.com)



Insurance Market

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