OLEA is in Chad with its subsidiary Olea Chad

Olea, the panafrican
insurance broker



Managing Director : Baba Fanna ABOUNA


Biography :


Born in N'Djamena (Chad) in 1985, Baba Fanna ABOUNA began her primary studies at the Bastos Educational Center (Yaounde-Cameroon) and secondary school at Les Étoiles Brillantes (Chad).


After obtaining a bachelor's degree at the Higher Institute of Management (Chad), she continued her university studies at the private university Montplaisir (Tunis).


She began her professional career from February 2009 to November 2011 at Airtel Tchad (mobile telephony operator) in the accounting department and then at Bolloré Africa Logistics Chad as Head of Express Service from December 2011 to March 2013. From May 2013, she held the position of Technico-commercial at Gras Savoye Tchad (insurance broker) until December 2015 and Gras Savoye Cameroun as Account Manager from February 2016 to September 2018.


She is currently the Managing Director of OLEA Chad (insurance broker).


Email: b.abouna@olea-assurance.com


The Subsidiary 

  • Date of creation : 10/08/2018
  • Address : Rue n°129 du Havre Quartier Béguinage - N'Djaména, Chad
  • Number of employees : 4
  • Spoken languages : French, Arab, English
  • Contact : tchad@olea-assurance.com









Autres domaines d'expertise :

  • Life
  • Motor
  • Health
  • Damages


Country Information


- Population: 11.9 millions
- GDP per Capita : 852 $
- GDP's growth in 2018: 2.4% (forecast)


(source www.coface.com)


Strengths of the Economy


- Exploitation of new oil fields
- Development potential of the agricultural sector

(source www.coface.com)



Insurance Market

- Insurance Penetration Rate (% of the GDP) : 5

- 2 insurance companies







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